Our Life in Panama

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The adventure of a lifetime


Bienvenido.....welcome to our life in Panama.

We've designed this website to provide family and friends with updates on our lives, and to provide valuable information to those who may be traveling or moving to Panama.

We hope you enjoy the info, pics and videos.


Jacki, Chris & Angus


Who We Are

We are a clan of three, originally from the suburbs of Ottawa, Canada, who decided that a little adventure and a change of scenery was good for the soul.

We sold our house and most of our belongings then moved to Panama on August 8, 2012. 

Chris is a former freelance writer / journalist who took an unfortunate plunge five years ago to become a bureaucrat with the City of Ottawa.  The job paid well, had a good pension plan, and he made lots of great friends.  But sitting behind a desk all day and dealing with the "bureaucracy" was increasingly difficult (have you seen the movie Falling Down?)

Jacki is a former communications guru for the Liberal Party of Canada - and, well, let's just say that didn't end well (remember the May 2011 election??) Fortunately, she was also an award-winning journalist for many years before that, which is what is allowing her to do freelance work from the balcony of her Panamanian beachfront condo.  Winter is her enemy! 

Angus is a young man (11-years-old, 6th grade) who enjoys swimming, video games and hockey.  He is bilingual (French and English) but is currently also learning Spanish at his new school, the Panama Coast International School in Gorgona, Panama. He is smart as a whip and sweet as a pie (according to his completely unbiased parents).

Where Are We?

We are living in a small town called Gorgona, right next to the biggest expat community in Panama, Coronado. Gorgona/Coronado is located just over an hour from Panama City.
Gorgona, Panama

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